Turn Off. Tune In.


Progress Report #3

Here is a rework of the previous ones. Just slight variation of the previous photos posted. I added the tentative Facebook page. I combined the drop shadowed button (Below: Right) and place it on an all black background (Below: left). I think this is the one I may be going with. I’ve tried playing with the color green on “Tune In” but the red against the green is not a good combination. Any suggestions?

Progress Report #2

Some minor alignment issues here. Much better than the first couple I did.  I want the power button to actually look like a button. I chose red because I want people to turn the power OFF. I think just “Turn Off Tune In” is really the only necessary type. But I will include a Facebook page with an event attached to it. These are 3″ x 3″ and may be reduced to a slightly smaller size which will be no smaller than 2 x 2″.

Progress Report #1

Progress is moving steadily. Here are some rough thoughts on the stickers/ads:

The power button symbols are appearing much brighter than I intended. That’s something that will be adjusted. I’m also changing the font. Suggestions/feedback welcomed.


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