Turn Off. Tune In.

Facebook Page

The Facebook page is up and running with links to images for sticker templates (available here on the TAGS page in PDF format – for cleaner images). I am posting more color templates for your tagging pleasure, letting you choose what colors you want. There are some information on things to do without your technology and things you should know how to do, along with events that will be posted as they come. Suggestions encouraged! Tag it up!

Color Variations:

My final four. The colors are slightly off compared to the printed versions. Printing and application were successful.

♦ ♦ ♦

Turn Off. Tune In.

Design Brief:

To encourage people to turn off their electronic devices and tune in to the physical world and the moment in which they are living.

This will be accomplished by targeting people on using their cell phones, iPods or other electronic devices. I will video myself (although, I might need a sidekick hiding with the video camera in the bushes) and bump into people who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings, engulfed in technology. As I bump into them I will stealthy tag them/their bags with stickers reading “TURN OFF. TUNE IN.” Physically interrupting their behavior of tuning out. Assuming the stickers won’t fall off with the hustle of everyday life, the “victim” will more than likely notice the sticker, wondering where it came from. – provoking the thought. There will be a link to a Facebook page with information and events.


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